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Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are easy to care for:  

Here are some tips you may find helpful.
1.  After you've chosen and cut your Christmas tree, keep it in a sheltered, unheated area until you are ready to use it in your home.  If you aren't going to decorate it right away, place the tree in a bucket of water.

2.  Just before you set up your tree, make a cut straight across the base of the tree truck (about 1/2 inch from the original cut).  If you don't cut the tree, it won't be able to absorb the water properly and the live tree will dry out and lose a lot of needles. Place the tree in a tree stand that holds approximately a gallon or 3.5 litres of water.

3. Keep your tree away from all heat sources, such as fireplaces, radiators, baseboard heat, portable heaters, furnace heat vents and yes even your television will dry out your tree.

4.  Check your tree's water levels daily and always replenish.

5.  Enjoy your tree!