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We want nothing more than a successful transplant for your tree!  Here are some helpful hints.

​Coniferous trees are best planted in the early spring right after the last winter frost but before the spring growing season.

Summer months are not recommended for planting due to heat and moisture issues that can put undue stress on the tree.

Fall is an option for planting, but more care is needed to water regularly as it is essential to keep the tree hydrated before the cold winter months set in.

Site Preparation

Coniferous trees love the afternoon shade. If you choose a spot where this is not possible, provide west exposure "shade"  by erecting a wooden shelter the size of the tree to protect the tree from the sun during this time.

Remove plants and weeds from the area.

Loosen the soil either by spade or by tilling.

Make sure the soil has adequate drainage.  Dig a hole and fill with water.  If after 12 hours the water has gone, the location is good for planting a coniferous tree.

It is best to avoid soil amendments unless your soil is not conducive to easy growth.

Dig a hole 1 1/2 times the tree root ball.

Remove burlap wrap around tree root ball.

Put tree in hole and add loose soil around edges.  DO NOT pack soil around tree.

It is recommended for the  larger trees (more that 3 feet tall) that you stake your trees due to wind and loose soil. Be mindful to protect bark and to use a cushion around the rope to prevent rubbing.

Regular watering is essential to establish your new tree's location.

With White Spruce and Pine trees,  their needles are soft and tasty for predators and  you may want to protect them.  If there is threat of a predator in your area, chicken wire enclosures and/or repellent sprays can be useful to try to prevent risk to the tree. Warning:  We have found that when deer are hungry there seems to be no sure fire protection.


Occasionally a coniferous tree will send out 2 leaders out of the top of the tree.  You will need to assist the tree by cutting one of the leaders off.